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At EnjoyFresh we are inspired by the creativity and diversity in today's food movement. We know that there's more than meets the eye. We want to give talented chefs the chance to push boundaries and tell their culinary story. Our app is connecting a community of food lovers, with a new way of dining out. EnjoyFresh is your seat at the Chef's Table.

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What is EnjoyFresh?

EnjoyFresh is a marketplace for culinary experiences. We are rethinking dining out, by connecting food lovers with chefs and restaurants. Users search EnjoyFresh for unique culinary experiences near them. The marketplace holds everything from off-menu dishes, to pop-ups, tasting menus and beyond. We do not accept regular menu items. Restaurants must be approved by EnjoyFresh, once approved they can post as often as they like. Restaurants get paid 100% of their asking price.

Is EnjoyFresh free?

Yes. EnjoyFresh is 100% free to register and advertise.

Why EnjoyFresh?

EnjoyFresh is a platform for restaurants to showcase dishes and experiences that set them apart. EnjoyFresh gives restaurants access to a community of food lovers, lets them gain new customers and experiment with new ideas.

How do I create an account with EnjoyFresh?

View our restaurant owner page and fill in your details. A dedicated account representative will be in touch with you to complete the process and get started.

How does EnjoyFresh work? Why do people visit EnjoyFresh?
EnjoyFresh provides a user-friendly interface for food lovers to search one of a kind culinary experiences. We help users connect with unique food events and explore new restaurants. Users can search based on their location, budget, cuisine type, and dietary choices. EnjoyFresh also acts as a platform for restaurants to increase visibility and create brand awareness. Restaurants can collect feedback from users in the form of reviews.
Who Uses EnjoyFresh?

Food explores, eating enthusiasts and everything in between. EnjoyFresh.com was created for a community of food lovers looking for unique experiences. Our users want to stay on top of the restaurant scene, discover the hottest chefs, push culinary boundaries and rethink dining out.

How Can A Restaurant Benefit From EnjoyFresh?

Our goal is to give talented chefs and restaurants a platform to showcase their creativity and awesomeness! We generate business for you by providing a unique way to connect with potential customers. We'll post photos, a brief summary and links to your website. Visitors can order unique experiences through EnjoyFresh. Restaurants can set order by dates, cost and use by dates so they have complete control over the process.

How Do I Advertise on EnjoyFresh?

After you successfully sign up with EnjoyFresh, you need to click on “ADD DISH”. You can advertise unlimited dishes and experiences under your restaurant name. Our dedicated account manager can help you with any issues you have.

How Do I Upload A Restaurant Picture?

While signing up, you will have an option to upload a picture of your restaurant, you can change or add pictures any time under the “settings” tab.

How Do I Upload An Offering Picture?

When you add/edit dish, you will be asked to upload a picture. If you don’t have a picture you can use a restaurant picture as a place holder.

How Do I Edit The Details Of The Offerings That I’m Advertising?

Just click on the “ALL DISHES” tab on your dashboard, then click on “EDIT DISH” to make required changes and click on saves.

Who Uses EnjoyFresh?

Food explores, eating enthusiasts and everything in between. EnjoyFresh.com was created for a community of food lovers looking for unique experiences. Our users want to stay on top of the restaurant scene, discover the hottest chefs, push culinary boundaries and rethink dining out.

How Do I Remove Offerings/Advertisements?

Once you have decided to remove a dish, you can click on the “ALL DISHES” tab on your dashboard. To remove, click on “EDIT DISH,” scroll to the bottom and select the option “DELETE.”

How Do I Know When An Order Is Placed?

We send you order confirmations via e-mail or fax.

When I Upload An Item, Who Will See It?

Once you upload an item it will be visible to all EnjoyFresh members in your area. Make your items more visible by adding category tags.

Can I Save A Dish/Advertisement And Recall It Later?

Yes, this can be done through edit dish page.

Can I Include Personal Contact Information In The Advertisement?

No. Restaurant information will be included on your restaurant page.

How Do I Get Paid?

You will be paid on a weekly basis through the payment modes that you selected—i.e., Pay pal, ACH or bank details.

How Do You Encourage People To Post Reviews?

Anyone who purchases an item from your restaurant will receive a notification asking them to review.

How Many Items can I Advertise On Your Site?

You can advertise unlimited dishes under your restaurant name.

How Can I Best Use EnjoyFresh To Attract New Customers To My Restaurant?

You can use EnjoyFresh at your discretion, we suggest that restaurants upload an item every week and change their items to keep customers coming back. Items that engage with customers such as tastings and education, classes, chef’s tables, tasting menus and pairings generate the most brand loyalty.

Can I Opt Out Of The Web Site?

Yes, you may opt out at any time.

Do I Get An Alert For Reviews? How Do We Get To Manage Online Negative Reviews?

There is no alert message when a review is posted; however, you will get to see all the reviews posted for your advertised items on your dashboard. If you feel that some of the reviews are fraudulent or unfair, please notify our customer service and based on their investigation they can remove reviews.

What Should I Do If Someone Does Not Collect Their Order?

If users for any reason cannot come to your restaurant for and item they ordered, we will give them a credit they can use towards a future restaurant visit. You will still receive the full amount of the order.

Can Orders Be Received Through Text?

We do not currently offer this feature.

More Questions?

Our team is always hear to answer any questions you may have! Click on “contact us” to enter your details, and we will reach out shortly.

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