With each year and each special occasion, comes the same old pressing question. What am I doing for Christmas this year? What am I doing for the 4th of July? What am I doing for Halloween? But when did you last ask yourself, what will be the best thing to do for this special occasion? Here’s my breakdown in figuring out what would be the best way to celebrate Halloween.

When I think “best”, I instinctively have to think big and extravagant. Maybe a White House costume party? Or a big party at P Diddy’s house. Or something involving taking a plane to an exotic place. Anything that involves traveling to some other place in the world already gets bonus points. The issue however, is that this has to be specifically for Halloween, and there’s not many places in the world that celebrate Halloween.  Mexico does have the very colorful and beautiful “Dia De Los Muertos”, where they celebrate their deceased at the beginning of November. But just because a country doesn’t celebrate Halloween, doesn’t mean it can’t offer you scares and ghoulish vista. And no place does this better, than Bran Castle, more commonly known as Dracula’s castle.

3975380400000578-3842910-image-a-26_1476712414117Perched on a hill, on the border of Romania’s Wallachia and Transylvania, this castle was the fortress of the notorious Vlad the Impaler. He was the inspiration for the story of Dracula. While he probably didn’t turn into a bat, and may not have been a vampire, his reputation and cruelty was no less fearsome. With such a disturbing history, it’s not surprising that Bran Castle is said to be haunted. What a night it would be, to celebrate Halloween in that castle.

While it would certainly be an experience, maybe a night in Bran Castle would be a little too real. Or it could end up being just a quiet night in the countryside, in a very old bed and breakfast. Maybe the best Halloween is the simplest one, where you just relax in the comfort of your home, and just binge on horror movies. No fuss, no stress, no labor involved. Or maybe the best Halloween is the good old trick or treating, and the costume parties. It’s traditional, and it’s what we’ve known as the real Halloween. But there’s also a growing number of very elaborate, and very cool Halloween festivities, haunted houses, and haunted hay rides. Some of which you really don’t want to miss.

So is there really one best way to do Halloween? Yes. I’m not going to waste your time with this blog, by just giving you a vague philosophical answer, or just telling you that there’s not one best way, or that it’s “all of the above”. I’m going to give you a very specific way to celebrate Halloween, which I think is the best.


It’s more of a program, and it starts a few days before Halloween, where if you’re a parent, you take your kids to Disney World, to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. If you don’t have kids with you, then you can instead go to Universal’s Halloween Horror Night, or Busch Garden’s Howl’O’Scream. Then the night before Halloween, binge on horror movies. On Halloween day, take the kids trick or treating, and finish off the night with a cool Halloween costume party. If there’s no good Halloween party, that’s where you just go for a hay ride. That’s my program to have the best Halloween. And if one year you get a chance, and want to do something a little different, go check out Bran Castle.

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