5 Best San Francisco Coffee Shops 

When it comes to great coffee, Seattle may think it’s got the city title on lockdown but San Franciscans know a thing or two about a good cup of joe. From bean to brew there’s something for every caffeine connoisseur to get excited about. In honor of National Coffee Day we’re unlocking the secrets to a perfect cup of that black gold in the city by the bay.

1. Sightglass Coffee

The sleek loft style interior and washed concrete of the flagship SOMA roasting station are perfect for sipping down a midday brew of the good stuff. The new Mission location is nestled in a foodie haven, next to Trick Dog and Central Kitchen keeping you occupied from dusk till dawn. And while their fair-trade sourcing and dedication to quality are reason alone to keep coming back, the fact that it’s rooted in brotherly love make it all the more appealing.

2. Blue Bottle Coffee

The folks at Blue Bottle break coffee down to a science, but damn if it doesn’t taste good! Maybe it’s watching them diligently taste at their Oakland shop, or their 48 hour philosophy to ensure freshness but there’s a sense of pride that comes with every sip from these iconic roasters. We love the original kiosk in Hayes Valley. Grab a shot of espresso with a glass of sparkling water, while sitting under the San Francisco sky and  you will feel like you can take over the world.

3. Gourmet and More

As long as we’re in the neighborhood, we can’t forget about the delightful shop Gourmet and More. This quaint specialty food store is nirvana for any cheese enthusiast, but they also make a damn good cappuccino. Order one with one of their delectable macaroons while and hunker down on the outdoor patio- you could just as easily be in France.

4. Trouble Coffee Company
Trouble Coffee Company

This quirky hole in the wall, may seem unassuming but in fact it’s the catalyst to a toast craze that took San Francisco by storm. The brainchild of Giulietta Carrelli,  the shop started as a way to help her stay grounded as she dealt with a schizoaffective disorder. The shop may be based on  just three things: coffee, coconuts and toast, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re doing them all to the tens.  Try chugging down some guts and honor with a piece of thick cinnamon toast and try telling us you don’t feel better about life.

 5. Xtra Special

special extra

Tucked in a FIDI alleyway, this little shop is one of the SF coffee scenes best kept secrets (and we know a thing or two about secrets).  A cup of their their chicory iced coffee will make you forget 3 o’clock slumps ever existed.

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