At EnjoyFresh we feel really lucky to be part of an amazing food community. As we are out and about meeting food lovers, restaurant  owners and chefs we’re constantly inspired by the people and  stories we find along the way (if you’ve been reading this blog then you probably are too). No matter how many people we meet or stories we hear we never stop being amazed. We’re always out there searching for the coolest, most exclusive food experiences to connect you with and recently we noticed two people doing the same! Ex-Googlers Mind Fong and Troy Chinn are the brainchildren behind Oishii Moments,  a San Francisco based social media destination that features completely mouthwatering, lick the screen culinary experiences. After months of creepily petting the screen, we thought it was about time we met these food explorers and swapped some stories.

We were not disappointed! Aside from the delicious and wonderful food adventures you see on their social media Mindy and Troy gave us the 411 on all sorts of food adventures in the city, including some totally awesome San Francisco Chinatown  food tours, now on EnjoyFresh!!

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These social media food gurus gave us the skinny on how they stay on top of the crazy Bay Area food scene.

Tell us a secret:  

We make it a goal to eat whole foods and exercise to stay healthy. That’s how we can eat as many tasty foods as we do while exploring various cultures! We try to cook as much as we can during the weekday while on the weekend, we’ll explore the city and the new foods it has to offer.

What do you love about your job?

We love the creativity and spontaneity of trying new foods while enjoying and appreciating personally cooking up new recipes as well as old favorites

What drives you crazy about job?

Being constantly hungry!

Tell us a story about an experience you’ve had with food/cooking:

As some of you may know, food experiences make Oishii Moments’ day! Amami Sushi in San Bruno blew us away recently. We ordered the omakase platter which is the chef’s special nigiri platter (which is huge, by the way). Super fresh sashimi and uni (sea urchin)  … super voluminous … the uni was spilling over the sushi wrap … so unusual being that uni is expensive … it was sweet and super creamy and the sashimi was melt-in-your-mouth tender! Super quality … super deal at only $30 (most places aren’t as fresh and give you less for around $40). The ama ebi (sweet shrimp) was to die for … a flavor explosion in your mouth … and its shrimp head was slam-dunk delish! We got lucky because the omakase is whatever the chef selects for the day, but uni is one of my favorites so lucky me! Final word … house-made wasabi … OMG … fresh and sweet … very deep flavor … top notch!

What do you think the biggest problems in the culinary world are:

Bottom line … affordability and affordability! Food is family, friendship and sustenance. It feeds the body and the soul. It keeps us nourished and sane. Good food makes us happy and we love sharing the HAPPY! It’s what makes the world a great place to be! We fall in love over food, we share our experiences and strengthen our connections over food …  let’s keep it affordable and the karmic payback along with the income from a loyal customer-base will be reward enough!

What inspires you:

Connecting with others who are just as passionate about food experience as we are … that’s our inspiration! We love interacting with the foodie community.

Cooking Philosophy:  

It’s all about being creative and turning simple proteins, vegetables and carbs into a magnificent dish!

Favorite food trend: 

Uni … on its own, with udon, ikura, bruschetta, nigiri, handrolls, etc. …

Least favorite food trend:

When we’re not familiar with a particular dish … it makes things difficult when restaurant menus don’t describe what the dish is or its ingredients. Dazzle us by describing all the goodies going into the dish and not with its mysterious name! Pictures are helpful too.

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