If you work in an office, you may be familiar with the usual snacks you have during meetings. The familiar box of donuts, or the selection of bagels.








If you think about it, very sugary food, fried food, and high carbs, may not be the healthiest choice to fuel a productive day. Yet, this is something that has been repeated for years in offices all around the country.

What’s more, is that there are actually a wide variety of catering options out there, that can be both low priced and healthy. Here at EnjoyFresh, in Orlando, we offer catered food that is adapted for the office, with healthy choices of reasonably priced finger food.


Business Colleagues Eating Meal Together In Restaurant

So the next time you go pick up a box of donuts for your office meeting, think about your other options. Also think about what will help boost office morale, and what food will help fuel their productivity.

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