Chef Purna is the type of person who makes you feel instantly at home. His welcoming smile and captivating stories make you feel like you’re talking to an old friend. It’s hard to imagine that this kindhearted individual spent 15 years of his life trekking a mountain that has taken the lives over 250 people. His stories are vivid and now at home in San Francisco he creates dishes inspired by his time preparing meals for trekkers on Everest, going beyond the traditional Nepalese food SF has to offer. 

Urban Curry is a little piece of Nepal nestled in North Beach and Chef Purna base camp inspired meals available on EnjoyFresh are as close as you can get to Everest without leaving the city.

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Off The Menu with Chef Purna:

When we sit down with Chef Purna at his restaurant, he’s just come from delivering food all around San Francisco. He’s hardworking and humble. After spending years carrying and preparing food on Everest, cooking food for 1,500 people is a walk in the park. This is a man who loves what he does. Every day he buys fresh ingredients and purposely doesn’t keep many freezers in the restaurant.

Purna, opened his restaurant after falling in love with cooking for family and friends. When you go to his restaurant he puts that same love into the dishes he makes for guests.

How did you get into cooking:

[When I was working as a Sherpa] everyday we cooked for tourists, for 20 days we’d have to carry all the equipment and ingredients. That’s were I learned to cook. We didn’t have recipes, I combined the flavors of Nepal with the tastes of westerners.  I volunteered for the Nepalese community in the Bay Area and everyone loved the food, we had a small kitchen and almost burned the kitchen down. People kept asking for the food, but we didn’t have any space. That’s when we decided it was time to do something on our own.

What Inspires You:

I like cooking and friends are always asking me to come over to their house when I have free time to cook for them. Know they can come here. People keep coming back because they like the food. 

Cooking Philosophy:

Cook what makes you happy.


Get a restaurant where the parking is better. Make people happy with our food.

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