Your employees are what makes your company what it is, so it’s good to show your appreciation for their work. If they’ve gone the extra mile, you’ll want to go the extra mile to show that appreciation.

1. Objectives.

You’ll want to first have a clear objective of what you want to achieve out of your event. Do you want to highlight their achievements, boost morale, highlight future projects, or look back at their progress? Once you can define your objectives, you will see it will be much easier to figure out activities and presentations to go with your event.







2. Theme.

With your objective in place, and clear goals for your event, you’ll want to enhance this with a theme.  If you’re looking back at your progress, and how you got where you are, you can have a “Memory Lane” theme. You can even go as far as having period decoration and catered food to go along with that. If your objectives were more about company goals and achieving new heights, you can have a Mount Everest theme, or NASA theme. You can have central Asian food catered, with activities related to climbing.








3. Timing.

Timing is key, and is the trickiest part. First, you’ll need to give yourself enough time for planning, putting the event together, and most of all make sure people have enough notice. You’ll also need to pick a date where you can get the most availability from your employees, but without interfering with their work. Doing it at the height of a major project is as bad as trying to get them to come during a holiday.

4. Menu.

During the event, you will need food and beverages, so you’ll need to design a catering menu. Luckily, you’ll probably have a theme that will help you decide on what to get. Also, keep in mind the time of the event, and the length, to know how much and what kind of food will be catered. If the event event starts in the morning, you will need breakfast items. If it goes all the way into the evening, you may need to have cocktails, and finger food catered. If the event is more than a day, you may also look for catering that can provide fun snack food, like a popcorn machine, a crepe station, warm pretzels, etc…







5. Closing.

To make sure the event was a success, and you’ve achieved your objectives, you’ll need to plan on a good closing. Finish off with a simple presentation that brings the objectives of the event together. You can finish off with gifts, raffles, a film, or a nice BBQ!


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