Looking for something healthier for your next catering in Orlando? EnjoFresh now has one of the widest selections of healthy choices. Here are a few examples of delicious healthy, organic dishes for your next catering or event.


Kale Salad from Orlando Chef Shaun Noonan via EnjoyFresh






This completely vegan kale salad, is completely organic, made with fresh vegetables grown out of chef Shaun’s garden.  Including more exotic elements, like naan croutons, blackened corn, and pickled watermelon rind. Even the dressing is completely vegan and organic. It’s a garlic tahini (sesame seeds based sauce) lemon dressing.








This vegetarian Bibimbap is a classic Korean dish, packed in nutrients. It’s proof that you can have a satisfying filling dish that’s also healthy. It has a variety of fresh vegetables selected by chef Jon Lee, and eggs, over rice. Topped with a delivious Korean sauce. This dish is packed with variety.








For a full taste of healthiness, EnjoyFresh offers a complete combination of organic vegetarian dishes. Choose between plain organic brown rice or organic saffron brown rice, served with seasonal greens (typically a combination of organic baby kale, chard & spinach).
Organic black or organic pinto – seasoned with organic spices & pink Himalayan sea salt. And raw vegetables with house-made dressing: sea-vegetable Caesar, curry peanut, spicy rosemary, avocado ranch, tamarind peanut, stoneground mustard vinaigrette, ginger miso, cumin-tahini or 1000 island.

These are a small taste of the variety of healthy dishes available for catering in Orlando. With our talented network of chefs, who only select the best ingredients, it’s no wonder we have some of the healthiest and most organic food for catering in Orlando.

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