The Rebel Within Talks Inspiration, Train Robbers and Everything gluten free

If you live in San Francisco you’ve heard of William Werner. The brilliant pastry chef behind Valencia’s streets hippest cafe, Craftsman and Wolves. The modern pastry shop features creative twists on classic pastries. A stacked chocolate croissant offers that satisfying flaky, butteriness in an architectural twist, while more wild dishes like the match snickerdoodle and the green curry scone boggle the mind so much that you simply have to purchase one or curiosity will overwhelm you!

The most notorious dish coming out of this haunt is the Rebel Within. Any search of San Francisco must-eats or local  Instagram threads will turn up tons of pictures of the bacon, chive muffin oozing a perfectly cooked egg! On more than one occasion we’ve witnessed locals purchasing them by the box to bring to ex-San Franciscans, whose one request from their visiting friends was to bring them “the rebel”.


With fans like this it’s no wonder Chef Werner is blowing up in San Francisco and beyond. Named San Francisco Magazines’ Best Pastry Chef and opening up new stores in Pac Heights and Los Angeles the pastry whizz is unstoppable. In between jetting around town on his motorcycle and dreaming up new pastries to astound your taste buds, we say down and got a behind the scenes scoop on the Chef everyone is talking about.

Tell us a secret:

William Werner(WW): My dog Belle Star is named after my great great aunt, who was a train robber.
What inspires you:
WW: Art, architecture, music, other chefs, trailblazers…I take inspiration from so many things.

Cooking Philosophy:

WW: Respect the raw product; have the right tools for the right job; don’t let ego complicate the dish.

Favorite food trend:

WW: Cider, I’m enjoying all the ones coming out these days and am actually making my own with apples from Hidden Star Orchards.

 Least favorite food trend:

WW: Gluten-free everything.

What kind of experience do you hope to create for customers:

WW: I’m a big fan of mystique, and we try to translate this into our menu items and in their display. we want customers to feel a sense of adventure and experience new and different textures and tastes.
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