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How has the most exotic and intoxicating piece of Spain found its way to a West African restaurant in San Francisco, and why are we talking about it on the EnjoyFresh blog?

We’re on a mission to get people excited about unique culinary experiences around them. We want to inspire people to discover the flavors and colors of their city, to take a break from their busy days and enjoy life to the fullest. Recently we found ourselves in one the cities most vibrant neighborhoods- the Mission. And we got to thinking.

How can we create an experience – a night on the town – that captured the diversity of the neighborhood? Something bold, something adventurous, something thrilling and of course delicious?

We looked no further than the boldest, most adventurous and thrilling restaurant/venue in the Bay Area – Bissap Baobab. Marco Senghor the proprietor of Bissap Baobab, started the West African/Senegalese restaurant and club in the Mission over 18 years ago. The restaurant is named after “bissap”- a hibiscus flower, one of the flavors highlighted throughout their menu and “baobab” meaning tree. The Mission establishments has seen the neighborhood change drastically over the years, but the little spot retains the heart and soul of it’s early days. 

Each second Saturday of the month, “The Baobab” presents rapid strumming and complex cocktail flights san franciscorhythms. A flamenco dancing show paired with their traditional West African cuisine. The night is a wonderful fusion of cultures, beauty and kindness, love and power, and… Wait, did someone say cocktails?!

That’s right dancing, delicious food and tantalizing cocktails. The night flies by as the talented dancers of Mision Flamenca take to the floor and two cultures thousands of miles apart fuse together for a magical night.

It’s a fully immersive dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else but EnjoyFresh! Guests will make new friends as they come together around a communal table to share in food, music, drinks and culture. EnjoyFresh members get access to one of the most exciting cocktail flights San Francisco has to offer, authentic Senegalese fare and a Flamenco show for the ages.

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