We’re delighted to introduce one of Orlando’s  hottest chefs to join the EnjoyFresh Network, Elisa Scarpa, chef and owner of Fatto in casa, which is Italian for “homemade.”  Fatto in casa offers an amazing menu of homemade Italian deliciousness — from savory prepared dishes for take home to beautiful cakes and cookies…and even cooking classes. Chef Scarpa’s delectable and enticing EnjoyFresh lunch offerings have been extremely popular, such as the scrumptious homemade Authentic Lasagna Bolognese or the Chicken Picatta. We can tell you that these sell out quickly when available on EnjoyFresh!

Professional Barefoot Waterskier Turned Chef

Chef Scarpa was born in Turin, Italy and lived in the foothills of the Alps in a very picturesque small farm town called San Bernardino di Trana.   In 1996, she moved to Winter Haven, Florida to pursue a career as a professional barefoot waterskier.  She’s now married (to her waterskiing coach), has two daughters and who were actually the inspiration behind her transition to becoming a chef.

San Bernardino Di Trana

“My girls were truly the main reason why I started Fatto in casa.  I wanted to share and teach them the seasonality of fresh food, the simple yet extraordinary flavors of Nonna Lalla and Nonno Gigi’s recipes and the importance of sitting around the table to enjoy family and friends” says Chef Scarpa.

In 2013, Chef Scarpa opened Fatto in casa and Orlando has been blessed with her food ever since?

We interviewed Chef Scarpa recently and she gave us more insight to her background, passion for cooking and culinary point of view:

Why did you choose to become a chef?

When you are born and raised in Italy, food customs and traditions are “genetically imprinted” in your DNA. After giving birth to my daughters and walking away from my waterskiing career, spending time in the kitchen became my new focus. I wanted to share my heritage and culture with my girls, feeding them wholesome and tasty food, teaching them the importance of nourishing oneself body and soul.

How long have you been a chef?

I was 8 years old and making gnocchi with my Mom for Sunday’s lunch. Grassroots to the core!

How have your past experiences defined your culinary style?

Being an athlete and travelling around the world has helped me grow in so many aspects, cuisines being one of them for sure.

What is your current culinary point of view and why?

It is not current nor past. It is the way I live my life. Food is nourishment for the body and soul. From picking produce to creating menus there is not one task that I do not dedicate my entire self to.

What do you want your customers to most remember after eating your cuisine?

I like to think that presentation and flavor are equally important and an integral part in my creations.

What bought you to Orlando and what do you like most about being a chef here?

An American husband brought me to Orlando and I’ve enjoyed the chance of living here and growing in this community.

What’s your favorite ingredient to work with and why?

Fresh produce and fresh fruit. I love to work with ingredients that are naturally delicious.

Are there other chefs that inspire you? Who and why?

Many are the local chefs I’ve had the pleasure of working with at different events. Our Orlando/Winter Park culinary scene has been growing and getting better. It is very inspiring.

If it’s your last meal on earth what would it be?

A slice of my beloved Pear Torte of course!

What interests you most about joining the EnjoyFresh network?

Exploring new opportunities and being able to share what I love to prepare with a broader audience.

Make sure to check out our latest Orlando lunch offerings and maybe you’ll be fortunate enough to find one of Chef Scarpa’s delicious homemade Italian menu items.  Order it fast!  Thanks Chef Scarpa!

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