One of the beauty of catering, is you can take it just about anywhere. And some people have tested the limits of this by taking catering to remote locations. Whether it’s in the desert or in the middle of the ocean.

Here’s what some of the most remote catered events look like. Even if you’re only going in the countryside, the equipment and logistics is already a real challenge. But there’s no shortage of solutions to overcome these problems.


You may not be able to use a delivery van. For some places you may have to even use ATVs or simply bring the food and equipment on wheelbarrows.




For other locations, you may be in a desert with nothing around you. This doesn’t stop your catering! Everything is portable and can be brought there. From coolers, warmers, cooking equipment, serving equipment, and everything you need. You may just have to bring a power generator. It will be worth it to have a catered event in the beautiful outdoors.









Other place may be even more challenging than that. Whether it’s on top of a mountain, or in 10 feet of snow. Obviously, you will want to take your catering indoors. You can even cater to the middle of the ocean! Bringing a food party to a small remote island, or on a boat, or cater food to the men and women working on an oil rig.







The nature of catering is you should be able to bring it anywhere. Why not take advantage of bringing your next catering to an event at a beautiful location of your choice.

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