We all love our habits, even when it comes to food. We all have our go to food when it comes to breakfast, cheap eats, restaurants, or fall back meals when we’re uninspired. But how do we break away from our habits that limits our food choices?

Catering makes the leap into trying new and exotic food much easier. Rather than having to go to an exotic restaurant, where we don’t know the food, and commit to one entree that we’re no sure we’re gonna like, catering offer the option of trying out and sampling the food. There’s usually a wide selection, so there will definitely be something you’ll like. Plus you’re not committed to a whole plate of a single dish, you can try small portions of different things.

So the next time you’re thinking of catering, take that opportunity to try out some new and exotic dishes. You may discover your next favorite food!

Here are some examples of delicious and more adventurous dishes available in Orlando:

Big Kahuna
Vegetarian Bibimbap
Vegan selection (kale salad, Caesar salad, vegan mac and cheese, potato salad, grilled Brussels sprouts).
Palak Paneer
Dum Aloo with Muteer Paneer
Chicken Tikka Masala
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