Guide to the Best Cookies San Francisco

Today is a very special day, dedicated to a very special treat. A treat that fills our memories and warms our hearts: homemade cookies. There’s nothing better than a homemade cookie to make all life’s problems just drift out the window. It’s like childhood and the holidays rolled into one brilliant circle. When a cookie is fresh out of the oven even the most composed individual risks burning their mouth, as the urge to immediately shove the warm melty treat between their lips takes over.

It’s no wonder cookie monster was addicted, he’s just lucky he didn’t live in San Francisco. There are too many dreamy cookies in this city for one to be expected to contain their sweet tooth. We’ve broken down 5 of the best San Francisco cookies in the 7×7. 

1. Mission Cheese- Milk and Cookies

mission cheese

We know what you’re thinking. Cookies at a cheese store? Really? But yes, that’s exactly what we mean. Not only is this warm little eatery serving up cheese flights that will turn any joe shmo into a cheese enthusiast, they’ve got fresh baked cookies on their dessert menu. Make this an end to a tasting of cheese, wine and charcuterie and you have the makings of a perfect evening.

2. 20th Century Cafe- Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie

Michelle Polzine, is a sweet genius. There’s no two ways about it. The vintage maven and inventor of the mind-blowing Russian Honey Cake is cranking out retro desserts that are as charming as the crushed velvet seats, dainty porcelain dish-ware and European style cafe they come out of. Her sea salt chocolate chip cookie hits all the right notes. They bittersweet chocolate and chewy base are made ethereal by the addition of delicately flaked salt.

3. Tartine Bakery- Salted Chocolate Rye Cookie


Does this cookie even need an explanation? Just say those words out loud: salted, chocolate, rye, cookie. Everything about it screams “get in my belly”. The sweet, decadent, exciting yet rustic cookie is exactly what you would expect from the quintessential San Francisco bakery, and why you’re willing to join the trenches and waiting through an inevitably long line to get your hands on one.

4. Craftsman and Wolves- Cashew “Isle of Gold” Curry Cookie


Oh Mr. Werner, you never fail to allure and amaze. Curry in a cookie a classic move from the rebel himself. It’s everything you want in a cookie but yet so much more. A crusty sugary coating, leading into a subtle wave of warm curry and finishing off with buttery cashew notes. This is a cookie that demands full attention! While the inevitable glory of the pastry case can easily overwhelm you, causing rash decision making, next time you venture into Valencia’s magic pastry shop do yourself a favor and grab one of these bad boys. The “rebel within” can wait.

5. Cookie Cloud- Chocolate Chip Cookie 


Marina- The Cookie Queen, is bursting with energy (we assume from the sugar high of cranking out cookies). You can find her pillowy clouds of ooey-gooey, goodness popping up around San Francisco. a trip to cookie heaven will run you a hefty $8, but boy do we love a cookie you have to eat with a spoon.

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