Avoid Restaurant Lines SF

Where to eat tonight

San Franciscan’s love a good line. Sometime’s it seems like they don’t even care what’s at the end of it. They just see a line forming and head straight for it. The city is notorious for epic waits and a flock mentality. Maybe it’s validation, maybe it’s curiosity, but whatever it is people in SF love themselves a que.

Personally, we don’t quite get it. Yes, sometime’s the wait is warranted. You’ll forget about the hour and half you braved the cold for once you’re eyeing the carts of American dim sum at State Bird. And the flaky croissants of Tartine bakery will clear your mind of the around the block line that formed at 9 am.

On the other hand, SF is teeming with undiscovered gems and half-empty dining rooms connected to mind blowing kitchens. You don’t have to wait in a line or make reservations months in advance to get unique, curated dining experiences. You can eat out in San Francisco line free any night of the week and still grab some killer grub. 

If you’re in the mood for some tasty provisions but want to skip the notorious San Francisco ques, we’ve got the lowdown on where to eat tonight to avoid restaurant lines in SF. When you purchase one of exclusive tasting menus or secret items via EnjoyFresh your guaranteed a seat at any of these fine establishments. 

grilled-pita-pizzas-with-prosciutto-chanterelles-arugula-and-a-fried-egg3Il Casaro

San Francisco’s one and only dedicated mozzarella bar, features classic Neapolitan fare including wood-fired pizza’s and Italian street food, but the house made burrata is the real show stealer. The modern dining room, sets itself apart from the pack of pizza joints that share the corridor, without losing that essential Italian charm. Settle in with a glass of wine, included in their EnjoyFresh special of Italian speck prosciutto pizza topped with crisp arugula and a farm fresh egg.


Making its name as the cities most affordable wine bar, L’Emigrante is an ode to business owner and immigrant Irfan Yalcin’s trek from Turkey to the United States. On top of their international wine list, the Mission locale serves up traditional Turkish dishes and totes and impressive selection of bruschetta. Check it on Wednesday’s, when for $20 the EnjoyFresh special will get you a wine tasting and bruschetta sampler for 2.

burrata san francisco Vicoletto

What may seem like just another Italian joint in North Beach, will leave its mark on your mind and palate.  The monster helping of burrata in their signature appetizer keeps people coming back. But even with generous plating of creamy oozy, goey curd, we couldn’t get enough. That’s why we teamed of with the kitchen at Vicoletto to offer 3 courses of the good stuff. Book the burrata tasting menu offered only through  EnjoyFresh and settle into the refined Italian eatery for a night of cheese heaven. 

Book an EnjoyFresh experience tonight or any night and ease into a relaxing, line free night. Booking with EnjoyFresh means you’re getting a one of a kind experience, curated just for you, in great local restaurants.

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