The summer is here, and whether you’re in Orlando, Florida, or Portland, Maine, you’ll want the right meal to get you through the heat. Here are 8 catering ideas to get you through that summer heat.



1. Fresh healthy choices that will be light and pleasant in a hot day.


2. Fruity items. Anything with fruits, from juices, to fruit salads. Fruits are light and full of hydrating liquids.


3. Ice cold food. Ice cream, sherbet, etc… A little something icy to cool off.


4. Vegan food. Veggies, like fruits, are light and more hydrating.


5. Fresh delicious drinks. Don’t forget, your drinks could be the start of your food display on a hot summer day.


6. Fresh meat and vegetables to grill. The summer is a great time for anything to throw on the frill.


7. Seafood. Nothing feels like you’re by the sea like a nice seafood catering.


8. Exotic tropical food. Any cuisine from an equatorial food will likely be adapted for hot weather. From Mexican, to Indonesian, you have a lot of great food to choose from.

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