The holidays are approaching, and if you work in an office, that probably means the annual Christmas or Holiday office party is right around the corner. To avoid making it something employees might dread, here are 7 ideas to spice things up:

  1. Have an exciting theme to the party

luau-supplies-080816 b-white-forest-winter-feast-side-viewMake it unique and fun. You can think a little outside the box, and have something like a tropical Christmas theme. Or go with a fancy and classy “White Christmas”, with white decoration and light colored food.







2. Have more interesting and unique food

2015-07-05-14-42-12It doesn’t always have to be chips and salsa. Make your food really worthwhile and the centerpiece of your party. From a classic holiday themed catering, to exotic international food, or maybe a completely healthy selection, or spoil your employees with a selection made entirely of chocolate.





3. Make it an “Ugly Sweater” dress code

christmas_banner_ugly_sweatersTo make it very festive in a funny and goofy way, you can have everyone come in with their favorite ugly sweater. It will definitely take out the stress of having to figure out what to wear for the party.



4. Christmas carol karaoke

young-adults-christmas-karaoke-resizedInstead of just putting on a CD with Christmas classics, have the party-goers provide their own entertainment and music. It may not be as easy on the ears, but it will provide more fun and interaction.







5. Office decorating contest

abc_office_decorating_gingerbread2_ss_jp_111223_sshTo let employees get creative, have an office decorating contest, and make it part of the party to announce the winners and give prizes.








6. Give away gift and prizes

holiday-party-prizes-congrats-jesseIt’s good to show some appreciation for the people working at the office, and give something away for people who showed up for the party. People love getting stuff.






7. Give something back!

gettyimages-56472367Have a charity as part of the party, where people have a chance to give back. It helps make the party more meaningful. Make sure it’s designed in a way that people can give the amount they want, and where there’s no pressure.







Hopefully this will help make your holiday office party more interesting this year. You only get one, make it worthwhile!


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