When you think of catering, you probably think of the usual plates of hors d’oeuvres, luncheon meats, sandwiches, and bite size snacks that we’re used to see at all our social gatherings. But some chefs are breaking away from that, and getting really creative. Some of them are doing it in a very surprising way.


  1. Jell-O Hors D’Oeuvres


Who said Jell-O couln’t be fancy? Jell-o creations, in every flavor, shaped like fruits, will definitely be the talk of the party.






2. The Oyster man


This is getting popular in New York. A new more interactive way to add oysters to your party, with a chef walking around and opening and serving fresh oysters to your guests.





3. Crepes


Crepes are becoming a popular quick and delicious dish. They work as a meal, as well as a desert. In Orlando, they can come to you on wheels in a food truck, or right to your office or event.





4. Food Trucks


The food truck scene is exploding. There’s now many chefs taking on the road, with a wide variety of food options, and they can come right to you to jazz up your catering. Some of them not only have great food but also great artwork on their trucks, like this Orlando food truck.






5. Healthy Food

Kale Salad from Orlando Chef Shaun Noonan via EnjoyFreshPeople are getting more and more health conscious. There’s actually some nice options to have healthy food catered, like this nice farm-to-table kale salad. There’s also growing options for special dietary needs like vegan, gluten free, halal, and more.






6. Beer

os-beer-dinner-orlando-brewing-20160408Not so much a food, but many people forget that drinks are also something that can be catered. Kegs are no longer just reserved for keg parties. A nice selection of beer can be just as classy as wine.






7. Elaborate Displays


Sometimes it’s not the dish that’s unique, but the display, like this elaborate rotating bonbon display, from Bedazzle My Bonbons, to nicely present 84 bonbons for their catering.








8. Cup Cake Gumball Machine


Developed by Baked By Melissa in New York, this is a really eye-catching desert for you catering.






9. BBQ


This may not be the most surprising catering option, but it’s one that many people forget.  And it’s one you hope your next event organizer will remember.





10. Milk and Cookies


Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones.






11. French fries shooters


And sometimes it’s just a matter of turning something simple into something fancy.








12. Exotic dishes

nepali khaja


From Indian to Pacific Islander cuisine, many people forget that there’s a world of amazing dishes out there, that are great options for catering.

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