Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s once again time to come up with some good costume ideas. For food lovers and foodies, it’s also a chance to express their love with their costumes. Here are 12 great ideas to express your love for food, during your next Halloween party.

1.Jelly Bean Costume

enhanced-buzz-13756-1381421316-32A very creative costume, with a “Jelly Belly” printed plastic, filled with different colored balloons.







2. Bacon Suit


You want to look sharp and classy, but still celebrate your favorite food. This is the way to go. You’ll definitely make some friends with the bacon fans, but a few enemies with the vegans.









3. Doritos

costa-vida-fresh-mexican-grill-menu-chips-halloween-costume-ideas-diyJunk food lovers, with a wild side, and no care for horizontal clearance, this is your costume. Also a great costume for people who abuse the spray-on tan.










4. Spam

medscalefdf_7141If you want a recognizable iconic brand, that everyone loves to hate, and will get you jokes about emails, this will do the trick.









5. Milk and Cookies couple

adult-cookies-and-milk-costumeProbably one of the less embarrassing, and not too undignified couples costumes. This is as safe as you can get.









6. Lobster costume

fwx-sexy-food-costumes-lobsterCelebrate a classy food in a very classy way. A hit for the more upscale Halloween parties.









7. The Morton Salt Girl

enhanced-buzz-3050-1381430890-0From Captain Crunch to the Morton Girl, brand mascots are instantly recognizable popular icons. The Morton Salt Girl may be the easiest one to turn into a costume.







8. Chinese take-out costume

chinese-take-out-costumeThe famous Chinese take out food box is a fun and instantly recognizable staple of our dinner table.









9. Grapes suit

pa9500If you’re looking for a healthier vegetarian alternative, this one also provides a lot of cushioning.  It’s like having instant airbags all around you.









10. Green beans suit

66017f_1If you’re even more health conscious, this is the way to go.









11. Peanut butter and jelly couple’s costume


This couple’s costume is simple, and still tasteful. But you’ll have to spend half the night hugging each other, just to show the concept of a sandwich.








12. Wine costume

weinflaschen-kostuem-fuer-damenFor this one, you really need that cork hat. The cork hat really makes this costume.










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